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HSE Compliance

Are you TG20:13 compliant? Using the complete TG20:13 software package we are able to provide compliance sheets for a variety of basic scaffolds. We can provide you for your job specific compliance sheet within 24 hours.

TG20:13 was issued by the NASC as new guidance that will impact on all tube and fitting scaffold design in the UK. As of June 2014 it is the only guidance that is acceptable to the HSE.

TG20:13 defines a range of scaffolds, referred to as ‘basic scaffolds’, for which no further design is required to establish the capability of the scaffold. These scaffolds include:

HSE Compliance
  • Independent tied debris netted scaffold
  • Independent skeletal tied scaffold
  • Independent tied sheeted scaffold
  • Putlog scaffold

TG20:13 covers 4 load categories:

  • Class 1 / Very Light Duty / 0.75kN/m2
  • Class 2 / Light Duty / 1.5kN/m2
  • Class 3 / General Purpose / 2.0kN/m2
  • Class 4 / Heavy Duty / 3.0kN/m2